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My Mini-Goal

8/08/10 to 8/31/10-to lose 6 lbs this month

Monday, August 9, 2010

And back to 330

I was back down to 330 this morning... so I guess it was water retention from the period. Well, didn't make my mini-goal, but that was a relief to see it go back to 330 after all that fluctuation in the 330 range.

So it's off to the gym this week. My new mini-goal for the month of August is 324. I thought about making it 325, but I thought I would go that extra mile to shake off all the months of stalling and the last week of issues.

So, I've vented and gotten my frustration with my daughter out of my system and now I am just glad she is coming home... or at least closer to home and in my mother's house a few blocks away where she will be safe and loved and can try and get her head on straight again and start thinking about the future. My mother happily doesn't treat the kids the way she treated me, I guess also they have me and my husband to turn to if she did when I had nobody.

We started our "new year" homeschooling today. Well... it's sort of a turnover for us, though we actually work year-round. Usually we work through the whole Summer, wrapping things up by the end of July and getting their annual evaluations, then taking a few days off for Lughnasadh and getting right back into it... I mean, it only makes sense living in FL when it's too hot and rainy this time of year to go out and enjoy much, so usually we work year-round, 6 days per week, taking a few days or a week off here and there when the weather is georgous. However, this year with all the fiasco hitting at the same time as my period, we did indeed take the whole week off.

I have learned something too... when you lose weight and you feel better about yourself and have more energy, you get more sex. My husband and I have been carrying on and sneaking away to fool around in the middle of the day for a few minutes, or just jumping each other as much as possible when the kids aren't around. My period finished up yesterday and it was all we could do to impatiently wait for that cycle to be over and sure enough we happened to pass each other in the bedroom this afternoon and clothes were flying. I mean, we're like horny teens or college sweethearts all over again. he's like, "damn if I'd have known our sex life would have gotten so good I would have been in the gym years ago." Wonder what it's going to be like in 50 more lbs. Sweet.

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