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Friday, August 13, 2010

I feel like I am being CRUNCHED

I don't know why. I just feel so busy and crazy these days. I am scattered.

I feel like one of those targets in a shooting gallery that moves to one side and someone hits it ping! and then turns and moves to the other side and ping! and then turns back and ping! again.

I go one way to do something and my attention is drawn to the other way to do something, it is insane.

Work I guess has been a key issue; with my hubby out of a main job right now I have to pick up the pace. I used to work at my own leisure and only take projects I felt like doing to earn extra income, now I am having to work whether I feel like it or not, and take projects whether I like them or not... I know that's what work is for most people but I guess I'm not used to it anymore. I never was very good at it, which is why I became a freelancer in the first place.

Then I have my daughter, and my mom has been needing some help financially and with her stuff because she's getting on in years, and the kids starting homeschooling, and I just feel like everything is scattered.

I tried to get back into a regiment but my whole sleep cycle is screwed up now.

And this may sound a little pathetic to some of you, but I am missing Disney World like crazy, and it is going to be a rough year waiting for him to go to school and get a new job so we can look forward to annual passes again. It's just my happy place, lol.

So tomorrow I working a little candle magic with my schedule to draw me back on track and put order back into my day.

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