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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well, I was poking around looking for weight loss spells on the internet, hoping I’d find something interesting that could inspire me or one I could adapt for my needs, when I found this article:

It seems the author, a guy who claims to be a doctor and who, mind you, is pretty much just trying to sell diet supplements on his website. I would bet he only put this article on his website for the SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” value– so that when people go searching for Witchcraft and magic and spells in relation to weight-loss, the search engines will pick up his website. He only writes a brief paragraph on Witchcraft and weight loss, then goes on to pitch his own products for the rest of it.

But basically he thinks using Witchcraft to help with obesity is “bizarre” and advises people to “skip the magic.” (and by the way, really, if he thinks Witchcraft is nothing more than lighting a candle for the afternoon or carrying a crystal for instant gratification, why be so worried about people doing that? This is why I believe mentioning Witchcraft is for the search engines.)

One thing he is right about– people do look for spells thinking that they can get instant gratification. People who don’t understand Witchcraft decide they are desperate for results and will try anything, so they buy a book or do a google search thinking if they just light a candle and utter a little rhyme over it, that they will be a size 6 by the time their date comes to pick them up.

The fact is, these people who don’t understand and have never studied The Craft, and Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, are wrong. All they have proven is that they understand zip about Witchcraft– If you have realistic expectations and understand magic, you don’t expect it to work miracles. But it does help. Immensely for me.

Why do people claim Witchcraft cannot have an ounce of truth to it, and then go on to cite the improbability of fantastic things that even most Witches don't believe in, things born out of fiction and superstition, and claim that it's evidence that Witchcraft doesn't work?

It's like if I told you I don't believe bunnies are real because you can't produce the Easter Bunny. You show me real rabbits, and I say, "Sure, they're there, we know about rabbits, but what about the Easter Bunny? You can't produce him, can you? So bunnies don't exist!"

It’s silly, isn’t it? Asking to prove something by asking for the fiction that grew out of it and ignoring reality in front of you.

Witchcraft is like bunnies; most people demand the Easter Bunny as proof. Then they ignore the more subtle but real evidence– the hole in the ground, the scattered poop balls, the garden veggies that have nibble marks in them, the furry little long-haired cotton-tailed creatures hopping around under the name of rabbits– and ask for something fantastical as proof for bunnies.

When you try to tell them that your bunnies are their rabbits and you never believed in the Easter Bunny, either, they don't get it.

No one should be expecting instant-gratification with Witchcraft; no one should be expecting a “get out of working for it free” card. Witchcraft requires time to tackle an immense problem like this; it’s still a pound-by-pound, day-by-day, problem-by-problem issue that will take as long as it needs to resolve itself– and as long as you keep working on it, it eventually will resolve itself.

But you still have to do the work– the biggest misconception of all about Witchcraft is it does things for you instead of you doing the work... when what it actually does is help you do the work more efficiently. The fact is, without creating a clear channel for all that energy to travel, it just scatters and is fairly ineffective.

You have to create your own path toward your own goal and keep moving along on it– Witchcraft can most definitely help me move along that path. But if I stopped making the path, what would Witchcraft have to offer? The magic would have no where to go.

This is why I have said from the beginning– I don’t see Witchcraft as a fix-all to my problem. I have to work through the psychological and the physical and the spiritual issues; I have to eat less, exercise more, drink water and do the right thing... Witchcraft is an aid; a tool. It helps me in those necessary yet very difficult tasks; it could never, ever do it for me.

Now for me, I might not even be able to accomplish these things without utilizing Witchcraft; just like some people might need therapy; or weight-loss surgery; or to join a center where there is guidance and support and a strictly mapped-out eating plan.

So basically the Witchcraft does the exact same thing the good Dr’s supplements do: it is an aid to your efforts. A tool you can use. It helps you.

But it can’t do it all for you, and it won’t be instant or without serious effort.

Seems to me this doctor misrepresents his products (the ingredients listed are all commonly found in dieting supplements– they are not new revolutions– but some of them don’t work the way he claims, and they certainly don’t help with most of the problems people with severe obesity face-- like bad habits or overcoming abuse) as badly as he misrepresents Witchcraft.

I hate that Witchcraft, which has been one of the most beautiful and uplifting and powerful and positive forces in my life– right up there with the love of God/dess and family– is so frequently misunderstood. The skeptics who are so quick to dismiss it and scoff at it are as infuriating as the flaky people who think having watched Charmed and reading one new-age book makes them an expert on real Witchcraft.

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