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8/08/10 to 8/31/10-to lose 6 lbs this month

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It is working well

The "magical weight-loss surgery" of sorts-- that is, the stomach binding spell I did on me and my husband-- seems to be working fairly well. We're both eating less. We noticed we're looking to nosh less, and eating smaller meals.

My husband thinks it's just because he's bored with food, though, and sick of the healthier stuff he is allowed to eat. He still longs for the food he is not supposed to eat in quantities he is not supposed to eat, and still feels deprived.

I think I need to make him a talisman to resist temptation. I wish he would do more personal, internal work, like meditations and affirmations and keeping a journal or something, but that's just not his thing and it is unrealistic to expect him to do that.

It just breaks my heart to see him feeling so deprived of what he seems to invest so much of his happiness. I can only suggest other things he try and invest his happiness in, but unless he is willing to try and mentally focus on doing that, it's not going to happen, and thus far he still insists on pining away for his beloved junk foods.

As for me, I am really at the point at which I am just resentful of the kinds of foods that I was once so addicted to. And a little afraid of them-- afraid that if I have a few bites I will not be able to control myself.

So my new idea is that starting next month, once a month, I will take one of my trigger foods and cast a spell to sever my addiction to it-- just to that type of food in particular, to break it's control over me. Some things on my list: pasta, rice, potatoes, McDonald's, breads (particularly white breads and biscuits and stuff), pancakes... seeing a trend here? You got it... carbs.

Anything else I can take or leave. Even chocolate, which I love, for the most part, a bite or two is all I need to be satisfying. Now if you put oreos and a plate of brownies in front of me, things like that, sure it will be hard to stop after one. I will want to polish off the entire batch. However I rarely go looking for them on my own, so they're not so much of a threat. They are not what calls to me in the middle of the night... it's the every-day stuff that is harder to turn from.

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