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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sigh... ahh... Ouch! Hey, and other Interjections...

Sigh... My Disney passes are coming to their expiration date, and with my DH (Darling Husband) not working full time for a while and going back to school this summer, I am trying to get ready to say goodbye to my real life happy place. We are going to go as much as we can next week and then, June 12th, it's all over... I guess I will have to start finding some other means of exercise. Maybe walking down real streets for a change?

Ahhh... did some work in "the garden" today--  well, that is, my screen-porch urban container garden. Cleaned, rearranged, planted my Martha Stewart 2-tier planter with some Summer annuals which will hopefully continue blooming until December (in this climate anyway-- we have gone swimming on New Years). I worked very hard over the wekend and took today off and spent a few hours just lounging out there. The rosemary was so fragrant. I will have to post a picture.

Ouch!... I hurt myself. I was on a cheap plastic chair, and it broke. The kids had been tilting back on it and rocking and the legs were weakening. When I sat on it I twisted and the leg twisted and when I went to get up, crack... the back leg. So I went backwards. Oh. My. Goddess. Seriously it could have been a lot worse with someone my weight however I am sore. I fell on my thumb, wretched my side and the lower back is just aching... my back is screwed up as it is, I don't need another accident.

And then there's that whole "breaking a chair" thing. I mean, I don't care how much you weigh or what is wrong with the chair, it's just embarrassing and makes you feel stupid. I'm just glad no one but my family was around for that or it'd be like, "Man, that chair didn't stand a chance, did it?"

Really, they did weaken the legs... the chair cost 3 bucks; gimmie a break.

Hey, it was actually a good "hey!" I took a quick picture for you by putting the camera on a table and setting the timer. I can actually see the weight loss. And I went to weigh myself and I'm a couple more pounds down.

I went to a friends house for dinner the other day, and, whew, it's not easy. But I am tired so I will cover more interjections tomorrow.

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Am I starting menopause?
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