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Friday, June 4, 2010

Wonder how far menopause is

I am long overdue for an OBGYN visit. However I'm thinking I'm going to have to make an appointment. I am wondering if I am going through some early stages of pre-menopause. I am usually so regular with my period and last month it was supposed to come and I got all the normal symptoms but it just... didn't. I was late by about 2 weeks. Now I have had a tubaligation when my husband and I decided the 3rd time was the charm and that we didn't want any more kids (I was having a c-section; otherwise he would have gotten snipped). So I knew pregnancy wasn't possible. 

In the mean time, I retained the water and felt bloated, then it started to go away after a week, then came back, then boom-- crimson tide. But in the mean time I had this one day of hot flashes, it was nasty and moodiness... it was kinda nasty.

Not that menopause is a bad thing... however. Just be nice if it came and went peacefully. I suppose it'll take the course that it wants, though, and probably won't be all that easy.

Meanwhile... I've got cramps. ughhh.

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