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8/08/10 to 8/31/10-to lose 6 lbs this month

Monday, July 12, 2010

And now for something completely off topic

Ah, a weekend of movie watching & scrapbooking has done me good.

I did exercise, though, and stuck to eating right & healthy. But now it's back to the daily schecule, which was actually missed by my guys and they requested reinstatement.

Some random things...

1) Is a lap swimming to one end of the pool? Or to one end and back? I've been counting it as back & forth being 1 lap, doing about 10 laps a day and "pool jogging" for a half hour.

2) Now that some of you are reading it, what is "blogger courtesy?" I have already been reading your blogs which is probably how you discovered mine but I'd read them all even if you didn't. But when you leave comments and such, should I be e-mailing back?

And it has been suggested I need, basically, "pimp my blog." Not really sure how to do that much, you wouldn't believe what a pain I find it just to update my photo slid show.

So what should I add to make it better?

3) Did you know Disney World is opening a city on their property? You can buy a house there, it's going to come with Disney passes... you will be between 2 of the theme parks... you can actually live at Disney. They will model the city to be convenient but with Disney style, even will decorate all the houses during the holidays...

My life's mission is now to become successful and wealthy enough someday to buy a house or even a condo in Disney World and live out there happily for the rest of my days.

This would be a dream come true for me... is that sad? But seriously... imagine if you were able to go live in whatever your favorite fantasy land was: Hogwarts, Narnia, the 'Verse on a Firefly... wouldn't you take it?

4) Speaking of Firefly, I proudly admit, am a total browncoat (fan of the show). If you haven't watched it... watch it. It was a brilliant show whose life was cruely cropped ahead of it's time due to network stupidity.

But the cool thing is that the dedicated Firefly fans have made their own full-length fan-fic feature film for charity-- of a different crew, different characters, but same "world" that Joss Wheedon created for Firefly... it takes place after the end of the movie Serenity. The signal got out. The people are pissed and uprising. The Alliance is locking down.

It's called Browncoats: Redemption. If you know anything about Firefly fans, they are the most devoted fans ever. The show was cancelled about 8 years or so ago after a single season. They raised money to take out a full page ad in a major newspaper to thank the producers for the show and to ask it stay on. They got the movie, Serenity, made. Yes, the fans were responsible for it. They have annual conventions & viewings of the movie and they have raised more than $100K for charity. They got sponsors for their sequel movie and a budget of about $15K... and the proceeds are going to charity.

Firefly rocks. Firefly fans rock.

4) I got a new, better digital scale. And it's about 2 pounds different from my older crappier scale. Actually I'm not surprised that my old scale wasn't off by more.

However, I now weigh about 2 1/2 pounds more (according to this new scale) than I thought I did, as I am going by the old scale.... not a bad thing, I know I didn't gain 2 1/2 pounds, just a calibration difference.

Bummer, but, so it goes... I have re-adjusted my little runner to reflect this my goal for the end of the month is to get under 330, which means my goal by the end of this month is to lose exactly (from today) 4.5 pounds. It's not what I had originally planned, but I'll get to 325 next month. No biggie.

And I am scheduling another cheat for my holiday, August 1st, Lughnasadh. I usually bake bread for the holiday, but I've never baked whole wheat. I don't have a bread maker or food processor, I do it by hand from scratch with just, you know, spoons, a bowl, measuring cups, etc... so I'm going to have to find some basic bread recipes for 100% whole wheat no-sugar-added preferrably. That way we can eat it without guilt and without my husband having the "white carb trip."

And final random thought, I leave you with some of my art (photography) dug up recently. Random shots taken around my neighborhood.


  1. Blogger courtesy... ha ha ha. I wish I knew! I've been at this almost a year, and still don't know.

    Seems it is whatever works best for YOU. If you have time to acknowledge each comment, that's great. Or, if you visit the blogs of the commenters, you can respond there, since you go there already (that way you don't double your time). That's what I do.

    But if you have people visit that you don't follow, or they don't have a blog, you can email them. If you have copies of Comments sent directly to your email, it's easy to click on their name, and sometimes their email addy shows up. Or, you might have to get it from their blog profile.

    And lastly, if none of that applies, I try to leave a responding comment on that post, thanking them for the visit. Just to not let them be greeted with silence, ya know??

    I really don't know what the "right" way is to do it. At first, I responded to each comment with another comment. But Holy Cannoli, I didn't have enough time in the day after I got so many followers (which blows my mind in and of itself!!).

    Don't know if any of this helps, or makes it MORE confusing, LOL!

    Oh... I ADORED Firefly!! Is there somewhere I could see this fan generated movie?? Do they have a website that shows it or something?

    As for your blog, if you like it, why change it? It is bright, clean, uncluttered, pleasant colors, easy to read. I'd only mess with it if YOU would find that fun. :-)

    I spent lots of hours messing with mine, just because I was having fun doing it. But now, it's done. Not gonna mess around anymore. But some people get a kick out of using the new template designer, and changing templates often. It's funny... I'll go to one I was familiar with, and think I was at the wrong blog cuz it was all different, LOL!


  2. Thank you for clearing that blogger courtesy thing up, I wanted to make sure I wasn't unwittingly insulting anyone... I'm such a newbie, lol.

    The firefly movie is called "Firefly: Remption" and it will be on sale, I think they said Sept... but if you look for it they do have teaser trailers out on youtube. You can see it's low budget but it looks like it's going to be fun!


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