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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shockingly, I Won and Award... Wow

I was completely suprised to log on today to find myself the winner of this award:

So, the rules of the award are simple:

1) Thank the person who gave it to you. Well that's easy.

I must say, I am touched, not just for recieving it, but that Leeanne, who awarded me with it, says I motivate her... and that makes me feel really good. For anyone that might pass by who has not seen Leeanne's blog, Can We Have a New Witch, Our's Melted you must go check it out if you appreciate a smart sense of humor. Just the images alone of her "flying monkeys' when I open it is enough to bring a smile to my face. It's one of those blogs you look forward to when you log on because you know it's going to brighten your day.

I thank you sweetie, for the award and for following my blog and offering your advice and support on my journey. You are a peach. 

2) Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, experience, using 10 words. Now that's tough. 

I guess I never saw myself as a blogger... I'm on a journey, it's a tough one. I chose to blog as a sort of journal, hoping I could catch a few readers and get some input, but I never really anticipated how big a part of this journey the blogging would become. I needed to get out a lot of very personal stuff and deal with some difficult issues. I needed to be accountable to something, if not someone, to keep me on track so I couldn't fool myself anymore. I needed other people to hear me, and I needed to hear them.... even though people may not relate to some of my specific methods, like Witchcraft, I think anyone who is concerned about their health can relate to my blog and the journey I am taking.

So, 10 words-- to blog is to reach out, and find others reaching back.

3) To pass on the award to 10 more bloggers. That is easy, too:

A 252 Pound Journey to Being Free by Scarlet Simple was one of the first blogs I ever started following, and I found so many wise words and things I can relate to in her entries. Her success was very motivating to me. I cannot-- cannot-- cannot!!!-- express how important this blog was to my life. Scarlet was the first person who made me believe I could do this. I mean it... I was skeptical about my chances, till I began reading of her success, her continued devotion and efforts. Thank you Scarlet, you so deserve this award.

Likewise, Loretta's Journey from 460 to 199 One Good Choice at a Time is another blog I find full of wisdom, inspiration, and reading it is just uplifting. Loretta is such a great person, I feel lucky that there is such a thing as an internet and blogs so I can get a chance to know her at all.

Sean, of The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser, is someone I owe soooo much to... not just because of how much his posts have meant to me, but because my husband, once over 400 lbs, has been motivated by him! My husband relates to the "old Sean's" way of thinki9ng and is starting to learn to think like the "new Sean." Seeing Sean's photos and reading how he's making good choices, reading back from when he started at over 500 lbs and seeing him approach his goal weight, it is just a blessing that he shares that good attitude.

Donovan Baldwin of the blog 65 Year Old Looks at Fitness After 40 does a public service, as far as I'm concerned, and should have a syndicated article in newspapers coast to coast. Every topic is something I find I am shaking my head or learning something. It feels good to have his advice to look to in my 40th year so that I can hopefully reach 65!

Losing Weight after 45 is a Bitch is also a great blog that brings up many things it's just so good to know, and with a very entertaining writing style and no-nonsense voice. 

I love the style and info I get at the blog  A Herbal Journey.... it hasn't been updated in a bit, but I've enjoyed reading the back entries and hope it hasn't been abandoned because for herb lovers like myself it is really good.

Tavin is just so candid in sharing her journey at Lumoava: My Personal Journey in Becoming a Witch, it is a beautiful thing to read. Her artwork and creativity are incredible. Tavin, you are so talented, and with twins I don't know how you do it. I am impressed.

Life's Accidental Journey has been a great source of info and ideas for healthy eating, and is one of the blogs that made me realize there is no reason on earth to feed my kids crap as I learn to eat healthier foods. They're just going to have the same problems I am.

I was first drawn to the blog, Dreaming of Rosemary, because of the name. Georgina has a poetic style of writing and every entry is almost like sitting down for a good cup of tea or piece of chocolate-- just a little moment of joy in the day. She's very knowledgeable on so many topics.

Last but certainly not least is One Witch's Journey... one of the latest blogs I have found... and I find it just a pleasure to read. I just feel like I can relate to her way of thinking, Sydnii has a good attitude and is very creative. Her blog is just a great little gold nugget I'm glad I found.

So, I guess I will notify the winners. I also have to do a little work on my blog, not changing the look entirely but I do want to add a place for your buttons and some other stuff.

So some quick reports and I will get back tomorrow--

Went to the gym today, did the usual routine, except I am walking about 5% further this week on the treadmill than last week. Keeping on with the eliptical, too.


Barely figured that out today, but essentially yesterday's dinner was a bust. One kid was invited to a friends house and one kid wanted to go to grandmas and my husband had to go run do some errands for one of his odd jobs and said not to bother cooking. So yesterday, I had a black bean wrap w/ff sour cream and I was starving so I had a huge salad and even picked on some more veggies like celery & carrot sticks.

Tonight I am making the turkey burgers & sweet potato fries. And probably chocolate pudding pie. 

I had a 3-egg white omelet stuffed with my new favorite thing-- Bird's Eye Thai Stir Fry Vegetable Blend. I roasted about 1 cup of it and threw it in the omelet and-- yum! OMG! I don't even use the little sauce packet it came with... just the blend of mushrooms, onions, peppers, carrots, soy beans, pea pods, baby corn, etc. is such a great blend.

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  1. How kind of you to think of me, Bloojay! And I feel the same way about Sean, he has helped me so so much, too.

    Don't know when I will be getting around to awards again, but I appreciate your thoughtfulness. :-)

    Thank you,


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