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Monday, July 19, 2010

Banishing 1 pound at a time...

I feel better now, "lighter" (mood-wise) than I did a few days ago, thanks to that big emotional dump I have taken. It's a good feeling.

I follow this really great blog, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, and today's topic was banishings. Mrs. B. lists a number of different ways that can be used for banishing.

One way was particularly interesting to me, writing the thing you want to banish on a piece of toilet paper and flusing it away.

I have banished a lot of things in my life: depression, illness, negative emotions & feelings, bad memories, bad habits, personality traits I didn't like, etc. Banishing can be a great way to help get rid of things you don't want.

I'm ready to get down to the skinny and banish more fat.

One of the ways Mrs. B. mentioned was writing something on a piece of toilet paper and and flushing it down the toilet. Many years ago when I was training in Wicca, my High Priest gave us a meditation for getting rid of undesired thoughts by dumping  them down a well. Having grown up in New York City, I couldn't relate, so I would envision dumping things down the toilet, flushing, closing the lid and putting one of those child toilet seat locks on it if I didn't want it to come back.

I'm thinking this might be a simple technique to apply to fat.

Now my philosophy of magic, as you may have guessed, is something I think of as the "log cabin" philosophy.

The premise is that, if you wanted to move a log cabin, it would take an awful lot of energy at one time to pick it up and move it all at once. Sometimes that big a job can be too big for one person. You can try, but most likely, even the most skilled people with the right tools for the job will be unsuccessful most of the time.

This is like magic, when people want these huge instant changes, they are trying to move a log cabin by picking it up, often without the proper tools and training and understanding, and they become discouraged when it doesn't budge-- or worse, when it falls down in a pile.

On the other hand, that one person can move the entire log cabin if they have patience and do it one log at a time. One piece at a time, take it one moment at a time. You can lift each one of those logs and easily drag them along to exactly where you want it.

Same thing with magic... break down the goal to smaller goals and focus your energy like a laser, one at a time. 

This is why so many people looking for magic to be instant gratification don't get anywhere. They want a "Powerful Magickal Wiccan Weight Loss Spell that Really Works!!!" They want it to make them thin... quickly... and without the effort.

Even further, you can extend that to non-magical folks, who, instead of looking for a spell, look for the miracle product that will do it for them.

The desire for fast and easy with complex issues like your health is just a pipe dream, including magic, and no one gets anywhere until they are ready to abandon this notion and get in it for the long haul, are ready to take on the job piece by piece.

So... I think the "toilet paper banishings" are a great idea... one pound of fat at a time until it is gone.

And of course, like electricity, you have to provide magic with a conduit to work... the energy needs a channel to travel or it just scatters. The more defined and well constructed the conduit, the better the energy works to help you along with your goal... so that channel is exercise and eating right.

My whole biological clock is messed up now, day & nights are reversed; I was up all night again and woke up after noon. I only got 6 hrs of sleep. Too little sleep for two days in a row. This will never do. Tonight I have to work but I am stoppping at 9 pm no matter what... if I sit on the sofa to watch TV I will fall asleep I am sure and will start at a reasonable hour in the morning.

Treadmill, 30 minutes starting at 1 MPH on 0 incline, up to 3 MPH on 2 incline then back down.
Weight Machines did them all, 2 sets of 10, 20 lbs on arm machines, 30 lbs on leg machines

Someone was on the eliptical... I didn't want to wait just to do my 1 minute. Tomorrow.

Breakfast: 166 cal/ 4.8 g fat/ 38.0 carbs
Green Smoothie w/ kale, turnip greens, frozen mixed fruit, banana, OJ, water

Snack: 78 / 2.4 g fat/ 1.4 carbs
1 oz leftover skinnless chicken breast
1 boild egg white
Celery sticks
(I just needed more protien today)

Dinner (Planned): 561 cal/ 16.6 g fat/ 79.5 g carbs
Cook Yourself Thin Veggie Lasagna
Big "Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" salad w/lite raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing
Crystal lite

Snack (Planned): 220/ 4.5 g fat/ 41 g carbs
CYT Vanilla Cupcake

Water goal: 64 oz (about 30 down already)

Not the best choices today; Only 1027 calories overall, but I woke late and am going to bed early so I really cannot stuff myself any more. Tomorrow I will get up and have a nice big high-protien, low-fat 3 egg white omelet.

Imbalanced; protien too low (6%), carbs too high (68%) and fat too high (27%) but at least I am staying under calories & getting rid of the leftovers.

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