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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Petition Magic

Hey, check it out... I've got a button.

If my journey has at all inspired you or interested you, please feel free to put it on your blog or web page.

And if you want me to put yours here, I'm will make a space below for just that purpose. So many blogs here have been helping me get through the last few months, either making me laugh or serving as inspiration or giving me some fabulous information I didn't think of before, it's kind of cool just being part of it all.

So, back to the topic of today...

One of my favorite types of magic for those bigger issues in life employ prayer.

This type of magic is known as petition magic. In petition magic, you petition a God or Goddess to help you with a big task.

I am performing petition magic today to Hestia, my patron Goddess to whom I turn for all things ruling over domestic life. For me she is the ultimate "Kitchen Witch's" Goddess... a Hearth Goddess, She rules over the hearthfire. In ancient Greece it was said that, while humans give thanks to the Gods before they sit down to eat, the other Gods give thanks to Hestia. Her Roman counterpart was Vesta, and you may have heard of the Vestal Virgins that served at Her temple, tending Her sacred fire to keep it eternally lit.

I need help getting back in a groove... seems that everyone really liked the regiment, but as we drifted out of it, and my husband got busy with some things and the kids' friends have been home for the summer and keep knocking on the door at all hours of the day, and with my work and sleep schedule now being completely screwed up and ass backwards I just don't feel like I am being productive enough.

I keep a small altar to Hestia in my kitchen and I plan to go to it with a piece of paper that I've written on a symbol for order in the household to see if she can help me.

I actually don't like begging the Gods to do everything for me-- makes me feel like a whiney child. I feel like they have given me so much to work with-- my brains, a health body, and I feel it is my responsibility to make good choices and live with consequences when I don't.

So I don't like to pray, "Goddess, fix this for me," or "God, give me this thing I need." Instead, I prefer to pray for Them to lend Their strength and guidance and comfort to me as I tackle life's challenges, both big and small. Today I am asking Hestia to help me, guide me, give me the fortitude to get back into a productive home regiment that will benefit myself and my family.



I meant to go to bed early & wake up early today. Instead I was up half the night having a hard time sleeping and then everyone woke up late today and didn't wake me. I have to work, I have to cook, I have to do chores and help the kids get things done.

So I figured I could skip the gym.

But then I realized I was being lazy again and I am going right after I post this entry.


Breakfast: 130 cal/ 5.3 g fat/ 5.9 g carbs
Egg white omelet w/spinach & a light sprinkle of mozzarella cheese
Tea w/Equal

Lunch (planned): 114 cal/ 2.8 g fat/ 24 g carbs
Green Smoothie (kale, turnip greens, oj, frzn fruit, splenda)
Dinner (planned): 519 cal/ 7.7 g fat/ 105.4 g carbs
Cook Yourself Thin Orange Beef w/1 cup brown rice
Thai veggies marinated in sesame vinaigrette & roasted
Crystal Lite

Snack (planned): 270 cal/ 9 g. fat/ 28 g. carbs
Sugar Free chocolate pudding pie in graham cracker crust
with sugar free Cool Whip

Totals: 1033 calories/ 25.4 g fat/ 163 g carbs

Water Goal: 64 oz


  1. Sweetie I wish you had the HTML posted under your new button cause I don't know how to display it on my button roll on my blog. :(

  2. Ha... I'm sure that would help.

    Okay, took a little looking around to do but I hope I figured this out right.

    Thanks Leeanna!


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