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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Joy of Sex... Magic...

Fair warning... if you have any issues about sex, don't read it.

Anyway, tonight my husband and I have a date.

The kids are going away for a sleepover. We'll have the house to ourselves and we're going to enjoy each other alone for a little bit... and perform sex magic (or sex 'magick' to the 'k' supporters... I will never get that).

At first we were just planning on having sex-- which is great enough on it's own, especially when the kids are out and you don't have to worry about checking if the bedroom door is locked or if someone is going to wake up and cry out for a drink of water... and not just for the pleasure factor and the intimacy factor, but can you think of a more fun way to burn calories?

But then came the idea of turning it into a ritual and putting that energy to even better use... which we have done before, but not for this purpose.

Can you think of any better way to raise and release energy than sex? Physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, hormonal... your whole body, mind and spirit is into it-- and when you are with a partner, so is his... and you are of one mind and one spirit and your bodies join together as one.

In Wicca, my religion, there is a part of ritual called "The Great Rite," which is essentially about sex. In Wiccan beliefs about the origins of the universe, we have a whole different take on the concept of the "Big Bang." God and Goddess came together and from their union sprang forth all things.

Normally in a coven or group, The Great Rite is performed symbolically with altar tools. The blade of the ritual knife is plunged into a cup-- the symbols for the phallus and the womb re-enacting the dance of life. Occasionally, couples will perform it literally during ritual (Generally if literal the Great Rite happens it is in private between two lovers, not in the middle of a big coven meeting on the altar while everyone watches, though I guess every religion has people that take things to ridiculous extremes-- but no, ritual sex in front of a group is not considered normal even to Wiccans, in case you were wondering).

But the whole point of this re-enactment (be it symbolic or literal) is more than just getting your rocks off together-- it is represents the Divine Union. It is sacred. The male energy and the female energy, the yin/yang, two things coming together to complete each other-- the union of opposites-- which create a new and greater and balanced whole.

The point of sex magic is to focus on your goal throughout, to use that energy you are building, to climax together (if you are with a partner... you can do it yourself through masturbation) and direct your energy toward your goal at that climax by having it firmly in your mind.

And for those skeptics out there who may be reading this, thinking this is ridiculous, thinking this kind of thing cannot possibly work, keep one thing in mind... I'm getting laid tonight, so who cares?


  1. I like your attitude. You are getting laid tonight, so who cares!

    I was pagan (witchcraft, not wiccan) for years (age 14 to 24, now I'm eclectic agnostic lol.)and never ever understood the "k". It's juvenile.

    Sex releases stress! Get to it!

  2. Yes, I think we relased a great deal of stress... and spent the next day alone, out, had lunch, shopped, etc., pretending we did not have children, lol. A lovely time.


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