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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little bit of magic works wonders

I have dropped below the 360 mark, so I am making some progress. I pray, Goddess, it continues. We're still in the "easy" phases (given my track record).

We went to Disneyworld yesterday, and I got to thinking about magic. Not magic like spells and spiritual magic, but a different kind of magic... the kind of magic I get at Disney.

Now I know it's not for everyone. I know some people abhor the crowds and lines, see theme parks as greedy and unnatural entities, think old Walt was a fascist & every other thing. You are entitled to your opinions, let's just say I don't share them, so be prepared for me to talk about Disney in a positive light.

We had wanted to go to Disney for 10 years... ever since we moved to FL, and we're about an hour's drive. We finally got annual passes this year so we can go for a day or an overnight, and we are taking full advantage of them!

Anyway, for me, that old Disney magic really grabs me and folds me into it's hold when I am there. The beloved childhood characters become real. The world is clean and beautiful and perfect. Every moment is breath-catching fun. I feel like a child again-- or maybe ageless, as if age and time don't exist, it's all frozen inside the bubble of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, as I frolic with chipmunks and rabbits and space aliens, whirling through the air on a flying elephant or roaring down waterfalls in a carved-out log.

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom, the newest of the 4 WDW theme parks. It has a very old-world and natural feel to it. I was less than six feet away from a giraffe (a real one!) and I got to scratch Thumper behind the ears, bask in dappled life beneath the tree of life, was almost eaten by a dinosaur, and, on an expedition to Mount Everest, narrowly escaped the clutches of the Yeti.

The point is, it is magical in my mind if I let it be, and I can immerse myself in that magic, and it makes me realize that anything is possible, that life is how you perceive it. These thoughts and feelings are inspiring, they give me hope and strength to look to the future. And we all can look and and find this kind of inspiration. For me, I can't help but see it everywhere-- Disney, art, nature itself... you might see it elsewhere, but look for it. It's there somewhere.

On a more practical level, I burned up a lot of calories. Granted I did have some ice cream there and ate some Burger King when we left, but life is about moderation, right? That's what I'm trying to achieve here-- balance-- not one extreme to the other. But still, I probably walked (and rode) the calories off and then some.

We plan to go back next Saturday, probably to Hollywood Studios, then EPCOT the week after that, and we're going for an overnight for my son's birthday on February 10th-11th and we'll do the Magic Kingdom.

Lots of walking coming... maybe I should change the name of this blog from "losing Weight with Witchcraft" to "Losing Weight with Theme Parks." I am on the Witchcraft diet and the Disney exercise plan.

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