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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Technically, it's Monday night, but we've gone and crossed over that midnight mark.

So, my husband did see the comment made about Peter DeLuise. Ah, well, not like he didn't know... he has his little fantasies too. At least my pic of Peter DeLuise was dressed, unlike some of my husband's fantasy pics I've found over the years.

He laughed his ass off at me, actually, and put a big pic of Peter DeLuise up on my desktop wallpaper. LOL.

I worked like the dickens for 3 days, then took the night off the computer on Sunday while my husband used it so I could scrapbook for a while.

And I got to thinking how people keep looking for these big, mystical, unexplainable things when they want magic.

So few people understand magic.

Real magic has always been the practical. That's why our ancestors did it back in the day. They weren't looking for party tricks, they were looking to get through. That's how they learned that herbs heal, how chanting can help program your mind toward your goal, how sounds and scents can motivate a person.

So as I am scrapbooking, I am thinking how people are missing the real magic in life because they are waiting for the fake stuff to happen before their eyes.

The magic of creativity-- how the act of creation can recharge your batteries, how it can sweep you up in elation. How it can make the challenges seem easier to surmount when you're on that creative high.

There's a little magic for you right there.

And what I did all day today-- cleaned! Yes, cleaned. Something about January and the after-holiday aftermath, I begin to want to start fresh and get things in order... call it an early Spring cleaning. So today I focused on the living room, re-arranged the furniture, organized a lot of crap and got rid of a grocery store wagon full of junk.

So I feel lighter now, fresher, more at ease, more harmonious. Though physically the work was hard and I'm tired, it was rejuvenating and energizing just the same.

And today I laughed with my kids. My oldest is out on her own, but my boys are 8 and 11 and they homeschool so they were here all day with me. After they did their assignments they helped me get some things in order. We smiled together, and joked, and felt the love.

This is the magic. This is the energy that gets us going and gives us the fortitude to meet our goals. These are the moments we live for, and they are magical.

And unfortunately, people underestimate real magic like this. They are waiting for someone to turn a guy into a frog or someone to fly on a broomstick. For some reason, these feats would satisfy them, as if such things would actually be useful. But our ancestors didn't do magic as parlor tricks to entertain each other, but to keep life flowing unimpeded and direct their paths towards the desired outcome.

And when you can do that, that's real magic, and you'd be amazed at the results.

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