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Monday, January 4, 2010

Water, Positive Affirmations & Big Citrus Score

I am drinking more water. Coffee is cut to two (all right, large, but just two for now as opposed to four or six!) cups per day with fat-free creamer instead of half & half, I'm having some Crystal Lite or herbal tea when I crave some flavor, and water the rest of the time.

I am making positive affirmations in the morning & night, and whenever I go to the bathroom or bedroom and look in the mirror. I say things like, "I am a strong and capable person who can defeat these challenges," or "I have the power to control my own life, my own destiny, and my own body."

Affirmations-- like chants, and those neat rhymes people often associate with spells-- have roots in psychology. Neurolinguistic programming, self-fulfilled prophecies-- basically, positive self brainwashing of sorts. This is part of Witchcraft.

A lot of people think Witchcraft is "supernatural" but that's just the myths, legends and fiction that have grown up around Witchcraft. Real Witchcraft, throughout the ages, is using techniques that work for various reasons-- whatever has an effect on the mind and redirects it towards the goal. This could be a scent, a sound, a color, a symbol, a word.

Finally, BIG SCORE...

I used to rent a house with citrus trees. I hated them, but damned if I was going to let good free food go to waste. So, I trained myself to like them* and I used to go out every morning in the yard and sit with my coffee, in the beautiful, mild, sub-tropical weather, the air laden with the scent of my growing herbs along the side of the patio, pick a grapefruit dripping with sunny pink-and-yellow fruits, and eat it for breakfast. We've moved to an apartment since, and while I still have a great porch with Southern Exposure for a small herb & salad garden, fruit trees are obviously not an option.

Well, a friend has a grapefruit tree and doesn't eat grapefruits. So she picked her tree clean and gave them to me! I have 4 big grocery store plastic bags full of them! I am going to juice some, peel & freeze some, and leave some in the fridge for the weeks to come.

Grapefruits are high in Vitamin C, have fiber and electrolyte potassium so they are good for hydration.

Grapefruit is ruled by Saturn, and Saturns influences can help you break bad habits, but it also contains the planetary metals of Jupiter and infuenced by the the element of water. Grapefruit has a lot of healing properties, particularly as a natural anti-depressant and stimulant, so of course I want to take full advantage of this by enchanting them tonight.

Enchanting is giving them a sort of magical boost (or "magickal" as some people like to write, but I really hate using that "k"... it just feels so wrong to deliberately misspell it!). I am basically aligning the plant's natural energy with my goal so that it will bring me maximum vitality and energy that it can. Hopefully this will get me going a little more so I get some more exercise in.

*(mind over matter-- I have done this over the years with most vegetables and fruits. If you've read my post about what I turned up going within, you'll know that veggies and fruits were not a big part of my childhood. But in my adulthood, I have learned to train myself to like what I want to like. This comes in handy as I really think eating a variety of fresh, wholesome foods like fruits and veggies will be important to my goal).

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