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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Little Runner is Out of the Gate

Looks like my little runner in my ticker up there is off to a good start. She's got a long road ahead. I'm looking forward to watching her progress.

Today is a day for cleansing. Little struggling yesterday, a bad struggle over the weekend. I've got a fresh sage smudge stick. I made it with my last harvest and it's been dried and is ready to go. I'm going to cleanse the vibrations in the house today, getting into every nook and cranny.

Of course, before I do that, I'm rallying up the troops to clean first. Metaphysical cleansing is really pointless without physical cleansing-- kind of like putting your dishes in the dishwasher without rinsing them off first. There is always bound to be some residual crud left behind.

I am lighting a candle to Hestia, my patron Goddess, on my small kitchen shrine to her. This shrine consists of a censer, a small bowl for offerings, and a red candle. I shall light the candle, burn some incense, make her an offering of milk and honey, and offer a prayer to her to help us do a good, swift, cheerful job.

My husband is cleaning my room before he goes to work (small job, and his mess, anyway). I plan to tackle my kitchen properly-- oh, how I love my kitchen bright and lemony-fresh!!!-- and the boys are picking up their room and the clutter that has accumulated in the living/dining room and their room. If everything else is in order it will be easier to take down and put away the window lights and Yule tree.

We have a small apartment and live in what is probably the bug capital of the continental US (Florida) so organization and neatness are imperative; not to mention, order and cleanliness really help my state of mind.

After cleaning I'm going to sage every nook and cranny and dark corner. Then I will probably sage myself and meditate. That is the magical act of today.

Tonight is spaghetti night. So I need to get my sauce on, too. Only home-made will do in this house.

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