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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's Meditation

Visualization is a very important part of Witchcraft. Creative visualization in meditation is a form of positive thinking. It's like brainwashing yourself, but in a good way. Creating your own self-fulfilled prophecy. Some might also say that you are sending out positive energy towards a goal to help bring it closer to you.

I'm not going to argue the physics or metaphysics of Witchcraft. Frankly I don't care if it's 100% supernatural or 100% psychological or some mixture of the two... as long as it works for me in some way.

So, the meditation for today was visualizing looking at a table piled up with the bad foods... the kinds I usually crave... only they didn't look too appetizing. So I watched myself get rid of them and re-set the table with fresh, healthy foods looking delicious.

I really need to start associating those bad foods with the "yuck" instinct. Maybe I should visualize a bug in them or visualize them making me sick or something. One time a dead bug in a frozen spinach packet turned me off spinach for years. One time some friends just joked that there were bugs or worms in chop meat or something like that it and took months before I could eat it. I loved cherries but I couldn't eat them for years after seeing the Witches of Eastwick (I still don't watch the cherry puking parts for fear I won't be able to eat cherries again). Or maybe I should watch something like "Meet your Meat" again... my cousins and I once watched some documentary about slaughter houses and another time I watched Meet your Meat, and I didn't eat a whole lot of meat for months after those shows. Not really vegetarian, I'd still have soup/broths, and fish, especially canned tuna and shell fish, but that's about it. Basically, if it evokes an image that is that strong of a turn-off, I can't eat it for a while. Maybe I need to do that with junk foods, fatty foods, fast foods like McDonalds.

That warding off temptation thing... I'm thinking of a talisman or some kind of mojo bag.

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