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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Checking In

After spending the last 4 days running around theme parks, and just getting home near midnight, I sit here before the computer, ready to report to you that I am tired yet satisfied. I managed to hold onto my myself during the vacation; I did have a few spoonfuls of ice cream out of my husband's cup, and I savored it, but otherwise did not over-indulge. I ate mostly salads, in fact, and some lean meats like steak and grilled salmon, some fruit for snacks, diet soda and lots of water, and kept bad carbs (the unhealthywhite flour life-sucking empty calorie butter and high fructose corn syrup filled kind of carbs, that is) at bay.

At some times it was a bit tempting... even now I am craving chocolate. And I know I could have-- should have-- stayed a bit more hydrated than I did, but nothing I can do about that now but finish my cold glass of water before going to bed. I guess that this is what life is like, though, as an addict... temptation is always just under the surface or just around the corner. I just wish there was somewhere you could go to really get away from food.

But I did do lots of walking... lots and lots of walking... it got a bit slow-going in the end, but still walking (or at least standing) for most of the day nonetheless. I wish I had one of those little pedometers to see how many miles I walk at a day in Disney.

I can barely see the screen through my bleary eyes, all the yawning causing them to tear, and I just came on to check on some work, and thought I'd check in. I checked, now I go sleepy.


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