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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Witchcraft Diet Spells - Think About It

I have done some sporadic research on the internet for diets and weight loss in relation to Witchcraft and spells. I have been looking for a bit of inspiration and ideas.

The fact is, I can't find a lot worth reading out there. What is the deal?

This is the kind of thing you find on the internet:

Diet Spells! My spells will work for you! Just pay me $1000 and I will cast a spell for you to give you the power for easy and healthy weight loss!

AMAZING MAGICKAL WEIGHT LOSS SPELLS: for just $49.95, we will create a spell for you and the pounds will just melt off!

White Magick Wiccan Spells to Help You Lose Weight Fast! $250! These are ancient incantations that have been passed down for generations and can't miss! You can eat whatever you want and no exercise required!

It is unbelievable that people (who I doubt are even Witches or know much about magic) are promising instant gratification and effortless results.

The Craft just doesn't work that way. The Craft involved knowledge and skill, it involved caring for your target (yourself, or who you are casting it for) and a personal connetion in my opinion that extends beyond a couple of e-mails. The Craft does not work if you don't give it a conduit, and it won't work if you are physically working against the magic you sent out into the universe.

I think my favorite are the "Ancient Wiccan Weight Loss Spells."

As if Wicca is an ancient religion.

As if ancient people who spent most of their lives trying not to starve to death over the winter had weight problems that created a demand for spells.

Some sure-fire ways to know  you are dealing with an ignorant con artist:
- They promise their spells will have fast, easy and amazing results
- They act like there will be no work, effort or discipline on your part
- The offer "money-back garauntees" or some kind of garauntee for their services
- They tell you they will send you spells, even if you tell them you have no magical training or experience
- They tell you their services are free or cheap, then shortly after contact you to warn you of some curse they found placed on you and your family and urge you to send them $200 for a candle and tell you something really bad will happen if you don't do this "curse-breaker" thing.

I guess it's no different from the other diet plans that promise fast & easy results, like diet pills or books or systems that you have to spend a lot of money on. With all these resources we have, how could anyone be fat?

If losing weight and keeping it off is so damn easy, how come weight-loss is a multi-million dollar industry, most fat people have tried almost every diet out there, and obesity is an ever-growing epidemic with the majority now being overweight?

Call me crazy, I just don't get it.

Fact is, diet aids & support & supplements or not; Witchcraft, magic & spells or not; no matter what, people need to resign themselves to 3 facts:
1) it's going to be hard no matter what you use
2) it's going to take time no matter how strict the diet or exercise or how powerful the pill
3) it's not over when you reach your goal weight

If you ever go on a weight loss support board, you see people pop in all the time with, "hey! I need to lose weight, quickly!" or "I have to go to a wedding next week, what can I do to lose weight fast?" These people are setting themselves up for failures-- they want fast & easy more than they want weight loss. I've been like that myself: it's too slow, if it's too hard, forget it. Now I look at myself and I wonder what would have happened if I just stuck to that "slow and hard" diet a bit better 10 years ago-- I wouldn't be sitting here typing this now, I'll tell you that. I'd have been done.

You also get the diet-hoppers (not making fun; I'm guilty of this). The people like me who went from one thing to the next, always following the trail of promises that eventually, this thing, will make me finally lick this problem.

The thing I have learned is that there is no diet, no spell, no pill, no weight-loss plan or center or book, etc., that can do this for you. Sure, choose the one that is to your preference, but Just about ANYTHING will work, if you work it. There is no secret that even for the most weight-loss resistant of us, basic biology teaches that you are going to lose weight if you just intake fewer calories and exercise more often. Put any person-- no matter what their situation (with the possible exception of being on steroids and completely immobile)-- on a desert island like Tom Hanks in Castaway, and they're going to lose weight from all the work and lack of food.  Take away the desert island, and now the person has choices. Same person, same weight problem, only now they can chose to not exercise, now they can choose to eat more rather than less. Now they are an environment with temptations that can lead to even small failures, which if too many occur build up to one big failure to lose.

The problem is not that the diet failed, or the program failed, or the plan failed, or the company failed... I even know a few people who had weight loss surgery and within a few years started gaining the weight back! Heck, I knew one woman who did everything from getting injected with the urine of pregnant woman to not eating until she passed out. She was only 70 lbs overweight and needed to be 100 lbs overweight before her doctor (and insurance) would consider weight loss surgery-- so she began eating like a pig to gain weight so she could get surgery! This friend did just about everything-- except stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan for more than a couple of months. Really, without the very basic element-- stick-to-it-ness-- it's all for naught, isn't it?

The problem is almost always that you (that I) failed to stick to it. Maybe it was not measuring and reading labels carefully enough, maybe sneaking too many spoonfuls when we cook or clear the kids plates off the table, maybe skipping the gym too much... but plans/diets don't work for people if they're going to give up because it's hard and taking too long. It's kind of an endurance thing... one step at a time, sure, but keep taking those steps or just forget it.

Losing weight is really not hard when you think about it; it is actually inevitable under the right situation. What's hard is sticking with that situation for the long term so it can happen. 

Or maybe I ought to just forget all this and start looking for that desert island.

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