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Monday, May 17, 2010

I am such a bitch

I am PMSing and cranky and I realize thinking on my post yesterday (which made me cringe to even think about re-reading it) that I am being entirely too hard on my husband. He did great today, and he is trying, even though it is so hard for him. Not that everything I said is untrue, most of it he readily admits, but who am I to judge his intentions? Or his ability to succeed when he's just begun the journey?

I am a terrible person sometimes. Especially when PMSing.

Anyway, I hung in there today, but had my moments when I had to grab my mojo bag pretty tightly. And I am all bloated. I hate that.

Anyway, my darling men are painting my living room tomorrow. And I'm hoping to tackle my boy's room, particularly their closet.

If I'm not back in 2 days, please call the FBI, they may have to work pretty hard but I'm confident that they'll find me. I'd leave a trail of breadcrumbs but I don't know what might eat them.

Tomorrow is Monday... Mar's day, and as soon as I wake I will be meditating for him to help me fight the good fight.

Meanwhile, Ben says:

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.

I am, Ben... I am, I am... and in another week when the hormonal floods have receded, I will be doing even better at it.

What am I sweating? I can beat this... discipline is key; attitude is everything else. I'm stronger than food. It's just sustenence, it's not life, right? There are so many better things to live for-- my kids; my garden; art; Disney... who needs food?

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