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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magical Weight Loss Surgery

I think the negativity is subsiding. I'm relaxing and getting into a more positive state of mind now. I also saw my daughter, who has been out of touch for a while when busy and I was getting very worried about her, and I took her shopping-- so that cheered me up a bit. She's going to come by next (not this coming but next) weekend and I'm going to have a little barbecue with friends & family who haven't seen her.

And my husband is also displaying a positive attitude so that helps to keep me strong. I didn't even bother to meditate or anything but he gave me a little rub down and that always seems to just help me find balance within myself.

I am working on a spell for both of us for Friday night (Full Moon). It is a binding spell-- binding spells are used to restrain people, usually people who are likely to hurt someone (or themselves). It's a form of sympathetic magic (when an object represents a person, like voodoo dolls). I'm doing it so it'll be reversable in case we don't like the results.  Binding spells are an ancient form of magic, really... they've been used for binding everything from enemies to unfaithful/abusive lovers to business rivals. You can bind the person entirely, or you can bind a certain behavior.

In the case of our spell, I'm binding our appetites and hunger. Binding our stomachs.  In a way, it's kind of like magical weight loss surgery.

I've also got my Cunningham magical diet aid bath bundles-- 14 of them, which are from his book Incense, Oils & Brews. I am supposed to start those twice a day a couple of days after the full moon for 2 weeks.

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